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What are some helpful tips for filming your videos?

To make your video look polished, you’ll need to pay attention to your camera technique. This includes framing, on-camera, and off-camera techniques. Here are some helpful tips!

Framing is the placement of the camera and anything that fills up the screen. Proper framing  will show that you pay attention to detail and will make your video seem more professional. 


One of the first things to check when setting up your device to record is to make sure it’s level. 

+ If you’d like to be more precise, you can even use a leveling app on your device

+ If you still think your framing  looks crooked, try paying  attention to any horizontal lines in the frame and line up your camera with them



When placing someone in the video, make sure the person is fully in the frame and that the top of their head or body isn’t cut off. Even take a test video to watch with the person to double check they like how it looks. 

+ By having too much or too little headroom, it can give the illusion that they’re slipping out of frame. Try to have your subject’s eyes two thirds of the way up the frame



If you’re interviewing someone and not holding the camera (maybe you have a  tripod or another person is recording), it’s absolutely okay for the subject to not be  looking into the camera. 

+ Many professional interviews are done this way to keep the subject engaged with the person asking questions instead of the camera. This works well for interviews with your team members - like the Chef or Executive Director

If you’re interviewing someone while also holding the camera, you can have them look straight into the camera. 

+ This can give a more engaged feeling, especially if you’re sending a video to someone. 



When choosing where to record, pay attention to colors and items in the background. 

+ Does your subject blend in too much? 

+ Is the background too plain? 

+ Is there too much movement behind  the subject that could be distracting? 

+ Try filling the frame and not leaving  too much empty space. Colors will also make your video pop! 


When behind the camera, you can choose to use a tripod or record the video  handheld. To help keep the camera steady, use both hands and prop your arms up  on a solid surface. 

+ If you’re recording a spot in your community, stand in the corner. Tuck your elbows in at your side. Start at the left side of the room and slowly pan to the right. This will keep the video smooth and easy for viewers to get a sense of the space

+ Pay attention to the screen and what you’re recording. 


Lastly, if you’re the person on camera, be aware of any distracting movements like  tapping or swaying back and forth. 

+ The easiest way to appear confident on camera is to sit up straight and smile! 

Remember that practice makes perfect. What’s most important is being intentional and authentic when making a video!