Senior Living: How do I reshare a video to additional recipients?

  1. Login to the OneDay for Senior Living app on your mobile device
  2. On the home screen, you can see all the videos you’ve shared 
  3. Under each video, there’s a blue triangle with the word Share next to it
  4. Tap the Share button under the video you want to send to additional recipients
  5. Select “Share with others” 
  6. Personalize the Email Title/Text Subject (optional) 
  7. Enter a message that will be sent out with the video (optional)
  8. Add a new prospect or resident and the additional recipients
  9. To send the video, tap “Publish & Share”
  10. A confirmation message will appear; Press “Share” again
  11. Once your video is uploaded you will receive a successful notification stating, “Video has been successfully shared”
  12. Tap Ok to return to the home page
  13. Your recipient(s) will receive your video as a link and will be able to watch, comment, and engage

Sharing Videos Button