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How do I create a Virtual Tour video?

Virtual tours are a great way to share your community's unique features with a prospect and their loved ones. Here are some tips to create a virtual tour!

First, plan your fantastic tour

  • Walk slowly through the area you want to showcase. Make notes on the features you want to be sure to highlight

  • Ask someone to help you film the video clips, so you can be on camera

  • Make sure the room is quiet

  • Make sure the lighting is bright

Film each interior room in short movie clips on your smart device - NOT in the OneDay app

  • If you have a microphone that you can easily attach to the phone, use it

  • Record in Landscape (or horizontal) position

  • Make separate recordings of each space in the apartment. Again, you’ll do this on the camera of your device - not the OneDay app

  • Stand in one spot and describe the room you’re touring

  • If you want the camera to move, ensure the camera person moves slowly and keeps the camera steady

  • You can always use a tripod and turn the camera slowly in a circle to get a 360-degree view of the rooms

  • The preloaded prompts in your OneDay app are:

      • Welcome home! (for the entrance or even outside the door)

      • The kitchen

      • The living room

      • The bedroom

      • The bathroom

      • Other amenities (the porch, emergency assist buttons, etc.)

      • Visit us!

  • You do not have to showcase all of these pieces. You can also choose a different order of the prompts. And if you’d like other prompts, let us know

Once you have all your movie clips, open the OneDay app.

  1. Tap "+Create a New Story"
  2. Tap "Sales & Marketing Story"
  3. Select "Virtual Tour"
  4. From here, the preloaded prompts will appear
  5. With the words, “Welcome home!” in the center of the screen, tap the film icon on the bottom left. This will open your camera roll
  6. Select the video clip you recorded that matches the “Welcome home!” prompt
  7. Then tap "Choose"
  8. From here, tap “Record another moment”
  9. Scroll to the prompt that you want to complete next. Follow the same steps as above (tapping the Film Icon, choosing the correct video, etc.) until you have completed all the prompts you’d like to show
  10. On the last video clip that you add to the app, instead of tapping “Record another moment” - select “Save & Create Story”
  11. This will populate a preview of the video
  12. If you want to do any edits (ex. the music and order of the video clips), Click here to learn how
  13. Otherwise, tap the arrow in the top right
  14. On the "Share Story" screen, you’ll see the title of the video (Virtual Tour)
  15. Underneath, you can enter the email address and/or cell phone number of anyone you’d like to send this to
  16. Tap the large "Upload and Send Invites" button at the bottom, then wait for the video to upload
  17. The video has been shared completely when there is a checkmark and the word "Shared" under it



You can tell it's shared, because of the Check Mark and Shared: