Senior Living: How do I create a video using the web recorder?

  1. The user can either select the button found in the side navigation or select the button found towards the top right section of each page
  2. If the user is an Account User or multi-community user, they will have the option to select the Community to send the video from
    1. Account Admin will have the first Community in the list (alphabetical order) selected by default
    2. Multi-community users will have the first Community in the list (alphabetical order) selected by default
      1. Based on the list of communities they have been given access to
      2. The user will be able to switch communities at any point of the recording and sharing process up to the moment they select “Publish & Share”
  3. The user will select the button to establish a connection to the microphone and camera detected in the browser
    1. The user may receive a prompt in their browser asking to allow access to their microphone and camera
      1. In order to use the web recorder, they must allow access to these devices
      2. If there are issues with managing the device settings on the browser here are some helpful guides for each browser:
        1. Google Chrome -
        2. Firefox -
        3. Edge -
        4. Safari -
        5. Opera -
  4. The user will be able to select the white dot (the red box in this image shows the white dot). This will begin the recording process
    1. There is a max recording limit of 5 minutes
    2. The user will be able to switch their camera and audio device if needed through the settings widget found in the web recorder
      1. Note: If user switches between their device settings mid recording, it will stop the recording and require the user to start over
    3. The web recorder has the option to be in full-screen mode
  5. Once the user has recorded the video they will be able to playback the recording
    1. If the user does not like the video, they will be able to delete the recording and start a new one
  6. After the user is satisfied with the recording they will select “Next”, which will bring the user to the Share video screen
  7. The Share video screen gives the user the ability to enter the following information:
    1. Video Title (required) - 60 character max
    2. Email Title/Subject line (optional) - 60 character max
    3. Video Message (optional) - 250 character max
  8. The user will be able to choose whether they want to apply the default Community theme by selecting this checkbox  and by default this will be auto-selected for them
    1. Note: If the user unchecks the checkbox, the video sent will only be of the recording without the Intro/Outro from that Community
  9. The user will be able to add the following information for the recipient:
    1. First Name (required)
    2. Last Name (optional)
    3. Text OR Email
      1. The user can switch between the contact methods
      2. Note: The user must enter at least one contact method in order to share the video
      3. The user will be able to add up to 5 recipients for now
  10. Once the user has entered in all of the information for the Video message and recipient information, they will select the button
    1. Note: If any of the required fields are empty, the “Publish & Share” button will remain inactive until all of those fields are filled in
  11. After publishing the video, the user will receive the prompt shown below:
  12. By selecting, the “Finish” button, the user will land back on the Web recorder screen to begin another recording

    **Must have a stable internet connection on a desktop or laptop**