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How do I create a Resident Testimonial Video?

Resident testimonials are great ways to celebrate your community. Here's a guide on creating a resident testimonial video!

Set the Stage

  • A quiet room is always preferable
  • Include something homey in the setting. A beautiful plant, a "Home Sweet Home" sign, some candles, etc.
  • A neat, clean background is best  
  • Having the resident sit on a couch is more preferable than a straight back chair, walker, or wheelchair


Prep the Camera, Light, and Sound

  • The smart device (iOS or Android) recording the video should be at eye level with the speaker
  • Ensure the device is horizontal
  • Lighting should be in front of the person, not behind them. (If there's a window, the light should shine on the resident. The resident shouldn't sit in front of it)   
  • All other devices should be turned off or muted, especially cell phones
  • If you have a microphone, connect it to the device and make sure it reaches the chair you're recording. If you aren't using a microphone, ensure the space is silent and the resident can speak loudly
  • Take a few test videos of yourself to see how it looks


Delight the Resident

  • Invite the resident to help you with a special activity - something completely different and exciting. Ideally do this a few days before, if not a few hours before you need to record
  • Help the resident feel confident in how they look. Help them adjust any clothing so it's smooth and appropriate. Compliment their appearance - and tell them how great they are. Thank them for helping you
  • When you bring them to the staged area, tell them it's their stage
  • If they are in a wheelchair or walker, help them transition to the couch or sofa you've set up
  • Have a glass of water nearby and encourage them to have a sip
  • Connect the microphone to them, and disguise it under their clothing
  • Do a trial run, where you just talk through the questions
  • Explain what's going to happen when you record. Ex: I'm going to ask you a question and then point at you. When I point at you, you can answer the question I asked. When you are done with your answer I'll stop recording. I'm going to ask you a few questions and this is going to be really fun. Then we can watch a preview of the video. You can't mess up - it's going to be great!
  • Have fun!